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The Studio

The more grateful I am, the more beauty I see...

I am excited to share my private fine art portrait photography studio - a 100 YEAR OLD gem nestled in the heart of New England in Massachusetts, USA.

This love of a space has been a long time dream, and I would like to invite you in to experience my beautiful world of fine art women's portraiture that has begun to be created here. From the moment I first walked into this old, gritty space, I knew it was the perfect place to begin this journey.

Its walls are adorned with plaster that has stood the test of time and the floors are weathered with age, but it's precisely these rough edges that create a sense of calm when mixed with natural beauty. There are no strict plans or directions to follow here, just a free-flowing creative portrait experience that is truly organic and real. It's a space where you can be yourself, and together, we will capture your beauty and essence in a way that is both timeless and enchanting.

The studio is furnished with carefully thought pieces, chosen to create an atmosphere of comfort and artistic beauty. Also including a few stunning pieces of clothing and pieces which are curated to create movement, uniqueness and a statement.


I am thrilled to share this new space with you, and can't wait to capture the most beautiful and intimate moments of your life here. I hope it will be an experience that will leave you feeling incredible.

Sarah Murray Photography Fine Art Portrait Studio Massachusetts

For more info, please check out this page: https://sarahmurrayphotography.com/fineartportraits

My goal is to evoke the fresh breeze of Spring, the first warm hints of Summer, the golden beauty of Autumn and the wonderland of Winter. Every season holds the promise of love and adventure.

Cape Cod, Massachusetts, USA & COSTA RICA


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