What can one do when they are alone with their camera on a Sunday during the most beautiful time of the year?! Simple…capture nature’s beauty. I spent the day alone to explore and revisit some of my favorite places on Cape Cod. I first ended up in a beautiful spot in Brewster, MA…the trees were showing off some of their most gorgeous autumn colors. I then drove to Scargo Lake in Dennis, this is always a wonderful location to visit for the water always sparkles in the sunlight and the swans are there to always say hello…or hiss…depending on which one you make nice with. (A special experience either way.) I then drove to a peaceful graveyard in Yarmouth which looked peaceful in the afternoon light. My last experience was back home, I photographed the last flower blooming in the yard along with the changing ornamental grasses. Honestly, a great day of peace, beauty and photography.

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