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Welcome to Portraits of Women.

This is about discovering your true self and embracing everything that defines you. All on your own terms.

Sarah Murray is an award winning fine art portrait, boudoir, elopement and wedding photographer based on Cape Cod in Massachusetts, USA with a 100 year old private portrait studio location based in Taunton, Massachusetts.

Fascinated by light, history and nature, Sarah grew up learning by watching closely and feeling deeply. She is devoted to capturing portraits that tell the story of who you are today.

Sarah Murray Photography Fine Art Boudoir and Intimate Portrait Studio in Massachusetts New England

I look for those moments of real joy, love, tears and the FUN ones
where you may have thought no one was looking...

With a deep love for creativity, my journey as a photographer began when I purchased my first 35mm film camera at the age of eighteen. My subject was an obscene red lily nestled in between tall pinks and yellow blooms in my mother’s garden. Without knowing at the time, my photographic journey began. This is now my 21st year as a photographer and I'm grateful for every single click of the shutter.


Who is this for?

You. You are beautiful and full of life and that deserves to be captured in a way that goes beyond. My vision of fine art portrait photography is a historic, romantic and love inspired art form that has the power to capture your stunning self, in a way that is truly captivating. It is all about photographing your spirit. It is all about revealing your confidence, your strength, your joy and vulnerability. And this doesn't have to be entirely boudoir. It can be a chance to play dress up, or if you have an avant garde style or just want to dance around in silk, ruffles and dresses...

My vision is not only to create works of art, but also to give you the energy to inspire you to feel strong and beautiful and unapologetically yourself.

Sarah Murray Photography Fine Art Boudoir and Intimate Portrait Studio in Massachusetts New England

"I haven’t felt great about my body for a long time. But when I saw the images through Sarah’s vision and her guidance, I feel truly flawless. I love my face from all the angles, I love my body that has given me the family I have and I love the confidence and self love I have gained from doing this shoot with Sarah. She is fun to shoot with, encouraging and patient. Her professionalism and passion for her art is evident in the results she has continued to capture for us over the years."


The Studio

Its walls are adorned with plaster that has stood the test of time and the floors are weathered with age, but it's precisely these rough edges that create a sense of calm when mixed with natural beauty. There are no strict plans or directions to follow here, just a free-flowing creative portrait experience that is truly organic and real. It's a space where you can be yourself, and together, we will capture your beauty and essence in a way that is both timeless and enchanting.

The studio is furnished with carefully thought pieces, chosen to create an atmosphere of comfort and artistic beauty. Also including a few stunning pieces of clothing and pieces which are curated to create movement, uniqueness and a statement.


I am thrilled to share this space with you, and can't wait to capture the most beautiful and intimate moments of your life here. I hope it will be an experience that will leave you feeling incredible.


You are worth it.

"I gave myself too many reasons not to have the session. And when I finally did decide to do it, I struggled to find pieces that I thought looked good but on me. Sarah assured me that no plan and no stress is the best way to look at it. She encouraged me to think deep and consider what I really wanted out of this session. Her client closet is simple but amazing and I only ended up wearing 2 of the 5 pieces I brought. It was a big investment for me and I felt guilty about spending this on myself. But Sarah made it as easy as possible which also included a payment plan. I am SO HAPPY that I didn't let my self doubt keep me from this experience. Sarah has this beautiful way of making you feel calm and relaxed and we laughed throughout the entire session! I believe now that this was so important to do for myself. And that made it priceless."


Sarah Murray Photography Fine Art Boudoir and Intimate Portrait Studio in Massachusetts New England
Investing in your portrait experience...

Fine art portrait and boudoir sessions take place at my private studio located in Taunton, Massachusetts, USA or on location.


Portrait sessions are around an hour and a half with a discounted non-refundable session fee of $500 (reg. $850). This covers the pre consultations and post production time, hair and makeup along with the session itself. Once your portrait collection is ready to view, we will schedule a time for you to come back to the studio for your viewing session. In between now and then you will have the opportunity to decide which collection will work best for you. On average, women spend between $3,000 and $3,750 on their final print and digital collections. Some spend less and some spend more. Where you end up is entirely up to you.

Sarah Murray Photography does offers a pre-session payment plan where you can take advantage of extra bonuses by paying for your products and images before your session occurs. As well as the option to pay in full with your own debit, credit card or check.

Sarah Murray Photography Fine Art Boudoir and Intimate Portrait Studio in Massachusetts New England
The Collections

Fine art "Portraits of Women" from inside my private and historic studio to the adventurously intimate outdoors… Regardless of age, every woman deserves to celebrate their unique beauty. I want you to be in love with you, feel that love and know you are loved.


Session Fee - $500 ($850 Orig.)


due at booking

2 hour Session
Professional Hair + Makeup

1-3 Outfits and an Optional "White Sheets" Set

Guided Posing Head to Toe

Beautiful 100 yr. Old Private Studio or On-Location Recommendations

Collection 1


50 High Resolution Images from the Collection
Additional Digital Images are Available for Purchase
(Payment Plan Available, Pay in Full 5% Discount)

Collection 2


10x10 Album w/ 45 Images

10 Image 11x14 Folio Box

Full High Resolution Digital Collection
Payment Plan Available, Pay in Full 5% Discount


Contact Sarah

Send me an email anytime and we can easily start the conversation. It's an excellent way to get to know each other, learn more about what to expect and share ideas!

Having a portrait session is an amazing experience to have atleast once in a lifetime, so please reach out and say hello: https://sarahmurrayphotography.com/contact/

My goal is to evoke the fresh breeze of Spring, the first warm hints of Summer, the golden beauty of Autumn and the wonderland of Winter. Every season holds the promise of love and adventure.

Cape Cod, Massachusetts, USA & COSTA RICA


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