Beautiful. Courage. Me.

I had adamantly decided that once I hit my 35 age milestone I wanted to have my own boudoir intimate portrait session. I was determined…for about a day. I exercised for maybe a week or two, I tried to eat healthy (about a month) and then promptly forgot how excited I was about my own session. I spent the year working like most everyone else, I captured portraits of others and still had this thought occasionally in the back of my mind about how I really wanted to have my own photo session.

My reason for wanting to do this? Empowerment. Courage. To document myself at this age (as we only get older and wiser haha) and knew that one day, maybe at 37, 40, 65, 95? That I would have regretted not having my own portrait done to document, to show and more importantly – to remind myself who I was at that age.

I think it’s important that every person should have their photos captured at least once in their lifetime. It is an experience for sure and one of which that I remind my own clients on a daily basis. Whether it is for a young family, a wedding, an engaged couple or an amazing woman wanting to document their own selves.

We live only once and we do our best to make the most of it so I wanted to gift myself the same experience that I promise my amazing clients not only to accomplish “my promise” but to feel that empowerment, that courage and strength of being a woman.

I made every excuse to put it off…for an entire year. But then, after realizing I had one week left to fulfill my promise which also included a small ball of panic in my stomach, I scheduled a hair appointent, ran home, did my own makeup (believe me I’m not an expert AT ALL at this feat!) and set up my gear to do my very own shoot.

An experience was surely had for sure! I had a great time with the few occasional swears and completely normal difficulties of capturing my own images. It also took three times as long with just a handful of images versus the normal amount I would have captured for someone else. Why? I had to do it myself and what a show!! I should have video’d this one as it would have surely provided someone rolling on the floor laughing while I struggled to remember how to pose myself…backwards… while making sure my hands didn’t look like claws, my legs looked compositionally correct and that I didn’t flatten my arms to make them look larger.

Technology helped me as I had set up my camera, lights, threw the pillows off my bed, closed the shades and captured away. I had my phone in one hand to see what my camera saw (thank you Nikon for that amazing technoligical develeopment) and then threw it across the room as the shutter was about to click.

It’s funny now talking about it but the most important thing in that single session that meant the most to me was that I did it. I not only accomplished my goal but I captured who I am in that handful of images to which I am forever grateful. I already look back on them (it’s already been a year – how?!?) but I smile knowing that it really was a fun, empowering experience and yeah, I liked the photos too. Bonus.

Our goal is to evoke the fresh breeze of Spring, the first warm hints of Summer, the golden beauty of Autumn and the wonderland of Winter. Every season holds the promise of love and adventure.

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