The Land Of Germany

A land of absolute beauty. A place of history. Views of old culture. Germany. I love this place, I dream about this place, I constantly want to visit this place. Etched into my mind by my mother, her birthplace, I have always felt a special connection to this land. Her entire family still resides there and although I have visited ten times or so, I can still smell my grandmother’s perfume, I can still taste the delicious German treats and I can still remember how the tiny swing in her backyard would only go high enough before jetting straight down and practically throwing me off. Another favorite memory is my grandfather. He used to chase me around the backyard with hedge clippers trying to cut off my tongue which I couldn’t help but stick out! My German family and I have always had a unique relationship for only one of my family members could speak English. I tried to learn German and could get by (sort of) if I had too. So although my memories remind me that we didn’t talk much, we most certainly explored and ventured out into the history of this amazing European country. My last visit was five years ago. These are some of my favorite images from this trip. I plan to visit this year for I feel the calling, its been too long.

Our goal is to evoke the fresh breeze of Spring, the first warm hints of Summer, the golden beauty of Autumn and the wonderland of Winter. Every season holds the promise of love and adventure.

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