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Art Nouveau

Brigitte Lutke’s gorgeous art nouveau handmade vases! This shoot was full of laughter but also fun for both of


A small collection of broken things hidden amongst nature now. Photographs were captured on Prince Edward Island,

Le Whales

Like all marine mammals, whale’s rugged and adaptable ancestors left the changing environment on land about 55

Sea Life

The ocean helps us listen to the voice of our souls”…and here is the living nature from deep within. A trio

Beauty In The Spring

Summer is just around the corner but these beautiful flowers have begun their cycle a month ago. Brilliant and fresh,

A Magical Experience

An inspirational morning photo shoot with a feeling of warmth & light beaming from the sun. A friend asked if I


Picturesque…yeah I said it. One moment I was standing on a dock thinking how beautiful it the ocean was and the

Peppertown…The Sound Of The Beatles

Peppertown. A band that does not mimic The Beatles with any gimmicks but provides an honest tribute to the one of the

Photo Of The Week

As my world is turning upside down I am trying to find the positive and stick with what I love. As my life is


What can one do when they are alone with their camera on a Sunday during the most beautiful time of the year?!

Whitingham, Vermont – Labor Day Weekend

A beautiful but absolutely chilly weekend this year! Below are a collection of images from a three day weekend that

A Beautiful Friend

She is around twenty years old. She is a loving friend. She is always reflecting such beauty. I have recently realized

The Mist

Mild the mist upon the hill Telling not of storms tomorrow; No, the day has wept its fill, Spent its store of silent

Menacing Doomsday Devices

These images were all captured during my most recent trip to Albany, New York. A few look like end of the world devices

The Land Of Germany

A land of absolute beauty. A place of history. Views of old culture. Germany. I love this place, I dream about this